Our 300 litre jungle
Our freshwater display aquarium

   freshwater fish Cichlids





We have large systems, dedicated to each fish group such as:

Cichlids: Both African & South American.

Australian Natives: For Aquarium or Pond.

Goldfish:- we have a large range of aquarium, pond & imported goldfish.

Discus: One of brisbanes biggest range.

Tropicals: Large range of Freshwater Tropical Fish.

    Snails & Shrimp: Clean your tank the natural way!
    Siamese Fighting Fish: Assorted Colours & Crown Tails.

    Childrens Favourites

    Saimese Fighting Fish

    Plants:  We offer a wide range of temperate and tropical plants, both bunched and in pots, plus we stock plant supplements, fertilisers, and CO2 systems to ensure excellent plant growth - just ask!
aquarium plants




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DONT FORGET OUR FUND RAISER  : This weekend (8th &9th) we are raising money for "Beyond Blue" we will be doing rafles, lucky dips, demonstrations & specials, pop in and suport this great cause. 

 Freshwater plant of the month:  Blerhi Sword, normally $6.50, now $5.50

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Fish,Plants & Coffee!
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