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Marine Fish

We have one of the largest ranges of saltwater fish from Australian waters and overseas collectors.

We source fish from Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia at regular intervals. We have over 50 tanks of stunning Marine Fish for you to choose from.

marine fish

We are also an authorised importer of marine fish. We source fish from all around the world and you will find that cutting out the middle man means less handling and a happier fish.

Marine Fish Quarantine Room

Our AQIS Approved Quarantine Room.

Our collection of Shrimp, Crabs, Snails, Sea stars, Seahorses and Urchins will add a delicate intricacy to your aquarium. We also stock Sharks and Sting Rays for the not so delicate aquarium!

Regularly available in store:

Tangs/Surgeons: A.achilles, A. japonicus, A. leucosternon, N. lituratus, Z.desjardinii, Z.flaescens, Z.veliferum, Z.xantherum. P. hepatus.

Dottybacks: P.diadema, P.fridmani, P.paccangellae, P.porphyreus.

Cardinal Fish: S.hematopter, P.kauderni.

Butterfly Fish: C.rostratus, F.flavissimus.

Angel Fish: C.bicolor, C.bispinosus,C.loricula, H.ciliaris, P.imperator, P.navarchus.

Clownfish: A.clarkii, A.frenatus, A.melanopus, A.nigripes, A.ocellaris, A.percula, P.biaculeatus.

Gobies/Blennies/Dragonets: E.bicolor, S.ocellatus, S.picturatus, S.splendidus, G.okinawae, V.strigata, N. decora, N.magnifica.

Trigger Fish: B.unulatus, B.conspicillum, M. vidua, O.niger, R.aculeatus, X.acromarignatus.

Sharks: H.ocellatum, H. portusjacksoni.

Moray Eels: E.nebulosa, G.zebra.

Lionfish: P.volitans, D.zebra

Sea Horses: H.reidi, H.angustus, H.barbouri. 


Our invertebrates range ensures there is something for everyone. We receive weekly coral deliveries from a range of suppliers across Australia to fill our five large coral tanks. Expect to find Large & Small Polyped Stony Corals, Softs, Corallimorphs, Anemones, Clams and everything in between whenever you visit.


Live Rock 

Placed in our 500L tank our new live rock comes in every week, ensuring you the best quality pieces availble.

marine live rock


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 Freshwater plant of the month:  Blerhi Sword, normally $6.50, now $5.50

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